Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my items/neopoints/accounts?

After placing an order you may be wondering how you receive your purchase. The process for everything is kept incredibly simple to keep things nice and smooth for all customers. Our instant delivery system is made to help ensure that you can get whatever you may need without any wait time. You can read more about our instant delivery here. Our manual delivery is a little different, however it still kept simple and seemless for all of our customers! Accounts: Ordering an account is probably the simplest of all deliveries. After placing an order for an account we will email you sign in details for your account. If you ordered a brand new main account, please make sure you’ve changed your home IP so that the account won’t be connected to any other previous accounts you’ve had. Simple as that! Neopoints: Neopoints are also very simple. We can deliver all orders of 2,500,000 Neopoints or less directly to you. This is done by offering Neopoints on trade lots that you must set up. We will offer up 500,000 Neopoints per trade (Not individual items). Please set these trades up after placing your order so that we may deliver them to you. Any amount larger than that will be delivered to you via a shell account that you can sign into and move at your leisure for maximum safety! Please note that any instant delivery Neopoints are not delivered through trades immediately. All instant delivery Neopoints are delivered on their own shell accounts like all other instant products. Items: For individual items, we will always deliver them by sending it to your requested account directly. For bulk orders of items such as Nerkmid Bundles, Armoured Negg Bundles, etc. we will deliver them through trades unless specified that they’ll be delivered on a shell account. Unconverted pets: Unconverted pets will ALWAYS be delivered on their original accounts unless otherwise requested. Upon placing an order for them you will receive the username, password, birthday, and PIN (if applicable) for the account they are on.

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