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What Is a VPN & Proxy?

So what are VPN’s and proxies?

A VPN and a proxy are both anonymity devices that you can use to hide your identity online. These are used by many people for countless amounts of tasks. These programs and tools are used to hide your IP (Internet Protocol) address that is logged on every website that you visit. These work by tunneling your internet traffic through a series third party servers before actually being sent to the website that you are visiting. To simplify this, every website you visit has two endpoint connections: You, and the website. Typically visiting websites means you send information from your computer to the website, with nothing in between. With a VPN or proxy, you tunnel this information by sending it to potentially five endpoints. This includes yourself, the VPN’s first server, second server, third server, and then to the website you’re visiting. The website will then see the IP from the VPN server that sends the information to it, and not your own information.

Why are VPN’s and Proxies necessary?

In the Neopets terms of service you are not allowed to have more than five accounts tied to a single email address. While this is avoidable by changing the email of the accounts you use, it’s not recommended simply because TheNeopetsTeam can see all of the accounts that are tied to your home IP address. Many websites have automatic safety measures built in to send up flags for suspicious activity when several accounts are accessed through a single IP. This isn’t to ban someone for having too many accounts, but more so to prevent accounts from being hacked and stolen when being mass accessed on a single IP. Because Neopets has this safety measure included, it is essential to use a VPN or Proxy to mask your IP when purchasing Neopets and items. Using these anonymity programs will allow you to access all the shell accounts you could imagine so that you can move your items, Neopoints, pets, and anything else off to your main account. The idea behind masking your IP is to solely be able to log into these accounts without alerting TheNeopetsTeam that your home IP is being accessed to:

  1. Access what Neopets would consider stolen accounts.
  2. Not flag your main account for suspicious activity.
  3. Not get your home IP blacklisted as unsafe, which would lead to your accounts being banned.

Avoiding getting your IP blacklisted or flagged is the most important part of keeping your accounts safe. You can avoid using a VPN or proxy if you plan to only sign into one single account, or if you purchase a new account that you plan on using as your main account. If you are using an account as your new main account you will only want to change your IP address through your router settings to change your online identity to a small extent.

How do I use a VPN or a Proxy?

 The first thing to know about how to use VPN’s and proxies, is to know that both act the same way but are different tools. A VPN is a downloadable program that you can use to mask the IP address of your entire machine. A proxy is a tool that’s plugged in (typically into a browser) that will only mask a part of your machine. Proxies can be plugged into your browser to mask only your browser IP. This means if you plugged your proxy into your Google Chrome, your IP would change only for Chrome. Your IP address would still be the same if you were browsing on Firefox simultaneously.

So how do you use each tool?

Using a VPN is incredibly simple and intuitive. After downloading the VPN of your choice what you will need to do is select a location to connect to. You will immediately be connected to a server. Your entire machine will now send information from itself, to the connected locations server, and then to the website you’re visiting. Simple as that! Once you’re done with signing into accounts, you will only need to disconnect your VPN and close the program. Please remember to change your VPN location every time you sign into a different account. Using a proxy is also easy, though it’s a bit different to use. Proxies need to be plugged into your browser which can be done in the proxy settings of your browser. However, rather than showing the steps for that, we’ll help keep it simple for you and just link you to a browser extension that can be used to manage your proxies easier. The BP Proxy Switcher is an intuitive extension that can be used for Google Chrome and Firefox.

The extension has a simple userface. At the top you have your quick navigation, though none of it is really relevant for just plugging in a proxy in this case. All you’ll want to do is focus on the proxy setting and the user agent if you want to be extra cautious. Click the “Edit” button next to the proxy, and simply plug in your proxy. The extension will plug the proxy in to your browser, and connect you to a new IP immediately.

Plug in your proxy like so, and click OK. As long as you have your IP whitelisted on the website you purchased your proxies from you will be connected to your proxies and now be on a new IP. You can confirm your IP change by heading over to this website to check your IP before and after connecting to your proxy.

What VPN or Proxies do you recommend?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to recommend any programs to use. This isn’t due to not trusting the programs and proxies that we use, but more to keep the IP pools of all programs and proxies as untapped as possible. We would like to avoid having IP’s blacklisted in mass so that you all can avoid using IP’s that may have been used recently by someone else to access their accounts. Please remember that the whole concept of using a VPN or proxy is to mask your IP with a new one, so having the same IP be used many times by many people would only cause damage to each individual who used them. We strongly recommend using dedicated private proxies, or to use rotating residential proxies. Dedicated private proxies are more expensive, but they ensure that you are not using an IP that someone else is concurrently using. A VPN offers many servers to connect to, and houses MANY IP’s in each of those servers that makes it difficult for you to use the same IP as anyone else. VPN’s are cheap and many of them have coupon codes to use online. There’s a good chance that some of the Youtuber’s you watch even offer personalized discount codes for their recommended VPN. A simple Google search will bring up many popular and commercial VPN’s for you to select from. Do NOT use free VPN’s or proxies. Many of these use IP’s that are very commonly blacklisted by websites due to how frequently and commonly those tools get used. Listed below is a list of providers that we can confidently say are unsafe to use due to being blacklisted:

  1. HideMyAss Pro
  2. The Tor Browser
  3. free-proxy-list

We’ve used many VPN’s and proxies over the years, and have had many instances of accounts being frozen in mass due to using these providers. HideMyAss Pro is not a free service, though they do have a free VPN that can be used to test their services. Unfortunately, the browser itself was so heavily popular years ago with Neopets that the IP pool has almost entirely been blacklisted by Neopets.

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