Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instant Delivery?

What is instant delivery? Instant delivery is a system that we have implemented in order to provide you with all your Neopets needs even when we’re asleep! This effectively keeps us open 24/7 without needing to actually send you your purchase manually. How does instant delivery work? All of our instant delivery products are denoted with an { ID } at the end of the product title. Anything that is not explicitly listed with this in the title is not instant delivery. Our instant delivery system is simple! By using an in-house program, we automatically deliver you sign in details for an account containing your purchase! Our system detects when an order has been placed by using a code to recognize when certain items with SKU’s (Serial Keeping Units) have been ordered. As long as the products with the SKU’s have an unused license key, a key will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. If an item does not have an unused license key, the product will show as “Out of stock” to prevent you from ordering an instant delivery item that is not actually able to be delivered instantly. How do I retrieve my product? Retrieving your product is very simple. Simply sign into the account that you were emailed using your choice of a VPN or a Proxy to mask your IP. After signing into your account, send your product over to your account by following the steps in our guides to securing your process. We do not recommend any VPN or proxy service in order to avoid having people all use the same IP’s in an IP pool. Do not use free software as these IP’s are very frequently blacklisted by websites. I didn’t receive an email with any account details, what do I do? The sign in details are emailed to the email used on your order. If you typoed in your contact information, please send us an email and include your order number so that we may forward the details to you. If you did not receive an email and also didn’t typo in your email, please send us an email here and let us know so that we may remedy the issue!

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