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Neopets Mystery Pic – Game Guide

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The Neopets Mystery Pic is a site-wide game in which you guess what the mystery picture is. It is without a doubt, one of the most difficult games around. Fortunately for you, we offer all the mystery picture answers. Making it possible to earn that well sought after Gold Trophy!


Mystery Pics are frequently from images in the following categories — Backgrounds, Game Buttons, Caption Contests, Shopkeepers, Shop Blogs.


How to Play Mystery Pic?

To play Neopets Mystery Pic, all you have to do is navigate to the main page and place your guess. It is free. If won, you split a prize pool of 2,000,000 neopoints. If you were one of the first 250 to guess correctly, you get the bonus item + a chance at winning the trophy.

Rewards for Winning Mystery Pic!

The best part is the reward! It’s often a well sought after UB/ collectible. Sometimes new items get released through the game. Furthermore, gamers who guess correctly get to split a 2,000,000 neopoints prize pool.

Sometimes, exclusive prizes are handed out. Here is a list of items that have been released through the Mystery Pic competition.

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Scary Tree Stamp Fake Arcane Bow Meat Treats Pox Curse Earth Faerie Doll
Scary Tree Stamp
Fake Arcane Bow
Meat Treats
Pox Curse
Earth Faerie Doll


How to Win Neopets Mystery Pic!

This is the easiest part. Become a customer of YesNeo and surpass $50 of lifetime spent, and we will welcome you to our Mystery Pic answers. We use machine learning amongst other things to match the images in the database.

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