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Neopets Stock Market – Game Guide

Wanting to invest in the Neopets Stock Market? No fret, we got you covered. Browse through our guide and list of curated tools to become a Neopets Stock Market pro! Anyone can do it, all you need is 15,000 Neopoints to invest.

What are Stocks?

Stocks are shares of a company that are traded on a public forum/ exchange. In Neopets case, these are fictional companies with no real rhyme or rhythm to know which stock will take off next. We do know that Neopets Stocks do not go bankrupt, or that its so unlikely, we haven’t witnessed it ourselves.

When investing in traditional stocks, this is not the case however. Your portfolio can rise or fall in value due to the price fluctuations your stocks are traded for throughout the day, weeks, months. The same is applied to your Neopets Stocks Portfolio.

What are Stocks in Neopets?

In Neopets, stocks are traded for fictional companies. The way the companies gain or lose value is completely at random. There are a few limits that Neopets put into place which limit the amount of stocks you can buy in a single day  (1,000), as well as its cheapest price (15 neopoints). The name of the game is to buy low, sell high! Neopets provides you with a portfolio that helps you track your profits/ losses.

The Neopets stock markets has a couple useful tips to know. The stock prices update every 30 minutes at :08 and :38 respectively. Neopets provides you with a list of the cheapest stocks on the Neopian Market!

How to Play the Neopets Stock Market!

Basic Mechanics

  • Neopets stocks are very simple. You can navigate to this page, for the cheapest stocks around, and buy your limit of 1,000 every day.
  • Nigel, your stock broker, charges 20 NP every time you sell. He’s a kind fellow though, he will allow you to sell as much as you want in one go for only a 20 NP fee!
  • You can activate the Cheaper by the Dozen boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk. This boon allows you to purchase stocks that are selling for 10NP per share as opposed to the usual 15NP restriction. This leads to much larger profits.
  • Our useful Neopets Stock Market Calculator can help you track your profit/losses.

Best Strategies for Profiting

The best strategy is to buy the cheapest stocks for 15 NP or 16 NP if none at 15 NP is available everyday. If you follow this pattern you will eventually have a diverse portfolio. The more diverse your portfolio, the more likely you will have a stock that does exceptionally well!

Consider the stock market your new bank account. Every time you make 15,000 NP, you should consider investing it into a stock of your choosing at 15NP (or 10NP if cheaper by the dozen boon is activated) unless you have already done so for the day.

It’s really a simple game. Don’t rush your investments and be patient. Set a price that you would like to sell your stocks at and visit them every so often to see if any of your target prices have been met. If you never sell for a loss, then you never technically lose money ;).

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