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1/3 Major Updates Completed! && 2% Cash Back!

Thanks for your patience everyone. We just did a massive update to our site’s backend. As mentioned before we’ve done away with google re-captcha and added our own as well as a better, faster firewall protection. We’ve locked down our backdoor entry for when on maintenance and sensitive info.

We’ve added caching for logged-in users. The way it works is a common cache system, and we dynamically load all content relative to you after the page loads. This way we can serve you cached content, while still showing you the latest and greatest just for you! Since we don’t have a way to authenticate and pre-load logged in data like we can for guests, the first person to load whichever page first will take the brunt of the loading time. And everyone there after will get a cached version which will result in almost instantaneous page loads. This was quite the task to complete but we’ve finally accomplished it, albeit a few days behind schedule.

There are a few more things I need to do, but as promised the next update will be pins for accounts!

Update: 2/3 will consist of adding all pins we have on file to product listings, so no more products delivered without a pin. Additionally, on the off-chance we didn’t provide the pin, we will have a pin database of the OLD PINS LIST where you can lookup the pin for you purchase. Without have to wait around for staff! Along with this update we will fix a few more parts of the layout that we’ve seen.

Update 3/3 will consist of re-working the rewards system as well as its respective pages as well as releasing our new gamble. More details on that to come.

As a thank you for your patience, I’m a one man band when it comes to developing (everything), I’ve upped the cash-back program to 2%. Sorry again for the delay in this update, I completely copied our website and moved it over to a development environment so I could make these very big changes freely without worry. Doing so resulted in the development being 100 times faster. It took some time getting it setup, but now that it’s setup future updates are as simple as copying files over from staging to live environment. Our staging environment is secured as well, check it out! (jk, you can’t :P)

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