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April Update + New Gamble!

Hey guys just wanted to give a quick update. We have coded a new gamble, however we haven’t released it yet due to two small issues.

As you have noticed, we’ve optimized the site significantly as well as server upgrades which we underwent last night. We use a security plugin that has a firewall, which is fine and dandy except for two things. Processing orders and creating accounts.

We have looked to outsource some help in removing it safely and replacing with a better security suite, either at the cPanel level or WordPress. Since it made changes to important files, we have to be cautious with it which is why we’ve looked to outsource some help.

Hopefully we get this fixed in the next couple day so we can release the gamble as well as increase wait times for orders to process. 20-25seconds isn’t gonna cut it!

As always thanks for letting us know of things as you find them. We are constantly working on improving, unfortunately cleaning up a mess in the code and website functionality still but we are near the finish line.

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