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Captcha fixed for Help-Center! Updates!

We have fixed the issue from guest captcha attempts from the Help Center submit a ticket form.

A lot of you have noticed our new Subscription packages. We still need to do some testing and tweaking for them, but it will be an automatic process as soon as payment is completed.
— Your discount will be automatically created and provided in your order email, order confirmation page, as well as the cart page.
— You will have an order processed once a month (for whatever desired term you choose) that will contain instant delivery Neopoints && Unchecked Account && Random UB from it’s respective Tier.
(The above process will be automatic)

NOTICE: Auctions will be closed after the following week for scheduled maintenance and reworking of code.
— We will be adding a function to re-list failed auctions (auctions that don’t meet reserve price).
— We will be adding a function to choose next winner in line if 1st place fails to checkout within 5 business days.
— We will be adding a function to move sold auctions back to their regular products for normal checkout.

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