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In Regards to Recent NC Card Changes…

In light of the recent changes to Neocash Cards, we figured we’d put up a quick post.

We’re currently not allowing purchases for our $20 Neocash cards. The reason behind this is simply to prevent any purchases at an unfair amount. TNT recently posted that the $20 NC cards that we specifically have been selling (The Brazilian R$20) will only redeem 750 NC. While we’re more or less perfectly okay with this, we’re waiting to see if, or when these changes are implemented. This is simply to avoid any purchases for over the Neocash value redeemed through the cards. As soon as the changes are live, we’ll likely unprivate the Neocash card listing and let them go for sale again at a reduced price, most likely.

It’s also worth noting that once these changes are implemented on Neopets, we’re uncertain on if we’ll be restocking Neocash cards again. There’s a good chance we won’t be, but that’s perfectly fine with us. We support Neopets, and from their perspective, we understand that it makes the most sense for them to be pocketing the money from NC and we don’t want to tread on this change.

Additionally, with the recent “boycott” that some people have been parading with Neocash as a whole, it’s become increasingly difficult for our traders to work out trades for some NC items. Because of this, if anyone at any point would prefer a refund we’ll be more than happy to have that issued immediately. We’re hoping this will smooth over pretty quickly so we can begin trading at 100% efficiency again soon!

EDIT: After some discussions, we decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest if we were to leave the cards public for the time being, but at a fairly discounted price. This allows for an opportunity to continue getting some discounted NC before the cards prices are changed next week. This will ultimately work out in everyone’s favor, so the cards will be available until they are entirely sold out!

YesNeo Staff

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