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Maintenance: What we do behind the scenes

Thought we would touch base with everyone since for the past month the site has been up and down, on maintenance and off maintenance. And at times, crashing the site with an improper syntax line.

Well, we have been fine tuning everything to make your experience better and prepare for the final experiment we will be presenting.

We have adjusted things like, when you are a guest and you checkout, but already have an account. We tie your order to your account automatically for you at checkout. Meaning you’ll get your rewards, and be able to view it in your history. In addition, you will be able to easily retrieve your login credentials to item accounts after purchase.

There are some things we have to wait on, as we used plugins from third party development to speed up the process. It would take forever to make everything from scratch. At time of writing, there are two things we are waiting to be updated by plugins. The major one is the achievements flow, right now it is not awarding badges and giving users their points. Which will be updated in October as confirmed by their development team.

We have taken into account other factors on our backend, giving our NC traders an easy access point to edit prices and make sales as they see fit to better keep up with market trends.

You may have noticed we redesigned a few of the pages during checkout process. We figured ways to better apply coupons automatically. And display your coupons from the cart page, to be updated and editable from the checkout page soon.

We are adding in functionality to record where you found us. to better market in the future and improve in areas we need to. We made the checkout process much smoother. Moving all billing and additional information to a single column, who’s error callbacks are called immediately instead of after filling out the paypal information (how annoying right?).

New terms for NC codes, privacy policy acceptance to comply with EU laws.

Custom recommended products on checkout page.

Sold out products removed from product highlights.

Thank you page re-design, order confirmation re-design.

Merged edit address and edit account endpoints.

Save username field to your profile, where you can edit from edit account, or change during checkout to update. This field will be autofilled for you in future for faster checkout experience.

We also had to custom code many other features to make the site function better. We still aren’t done. Everyday improvements are made. The list goes on and on. Our next task is to replace majority of javascript to php, before we could learn on woocommerce hooks, for a faster and better website loading experience.

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