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MAJOR UPDATE! Checkout & Rewards

We noticed an upgrade to one of our plugins, caused Paypal Checkout to function improperly, as well as break a few other things on the store.We have since then rectified the issue and all is functioning as it should be.

We also added a feature where guest checkouts are now tied to existing customer accounts. That is, if the account is already created.

Lastly, we now have a badge that returning ShopNeopia customer’s earn. This badge is earned when your ShopNeopia points have been applied (We do this everyday at 4:00AM). That is correct, we have finally solved the puzzle of adding your existing points to your current account. Keep in mind, we can only track this via the email that was used to sign-up on our store. If you want your points to carry over and used a different email, please feel free to create a new account so your points will be applied next chron job.


We want to thank everyone for your patience, when we get all major functionality done… We have a HUGE campaign in store.

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