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Mystery Items Back In Stock!

Hi everybody!

We’ve finally restocked the Mystery Items after their absence for a few months! We’ve worked out ALL of the issues that existed prior and have brought in a worthy pool of items to improve your gambling experience! Here’s a list of all issues that were fixed with these new items:

  • Birthday error where the birthday was off by one day or formatted incorrectly altogether.
  • Removed all old accounts with incorrect passwords.
  • Removed ALL items that have deflated from the item pool.
  • Broadened the item pool for each tier.
  • Double randomized listings to prevent doubles from appearing consecutively in orders. There are still more than one of an item in the mix, but the chance of getting the same item back-to-back has been reduced to a maximum extent.
  • Broadened the item pool for Elite Mystery Items SIGNIFICANTLY to help prevent against deflation and improve the chance of the highest return. We ultimately do not want to deflate the value of the high tier items which was an unfortunate result for some of the items from the old Elite Mystery Items. This is to not only help combat that, but also provide a wider variety of rare items for this tier specifically.
  • All PIN’s have been fixed to be included for every account.

You can view all of the Mystery Items by clicking here!

Good luck, and may the odds be in your favor!

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