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New Security Feature(s)!

At YesNeo we strive to keep your information secure, safe, and anonymous. Therefore we’ve added some code to hide all YesNeo customers username when they leave reviews or participate in auctions.

Additionally, since we use a top-up wallet system, it seems important to include a 2FA option for those who want an added layer of security. To get started, visit your account dashboard. You’ll notice a new tab called Acc Security where you can then setup your 2FA.

We are still finalizing some things with it. We are in talks with the developer to make sure our integration is seamless and smooth. But for now, it is working and works well. :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention, its important to write down your recovery codes incase you lose your device. HOWEVER, we are able to disable the 2FA as admins on your particular account. (We don’t know your password, or your security key btw) We just simply deactivate it so you can get back into your account and reconfigure it.

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