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Paypal Payments Discontinued – Paypal Error Explained

For a comprehensive guide on purchasing and using cryptocurrency on YesNeo, please click here!

As many people have noted in the recent days, and a few times prior as well in the previous months, we’ve been encountering a Paypal error. Paypal error code 10002 to be specific. We wanted to be sure before that the error was caused by what we thought it would be so we had to be sure.

This issue initially popped up in November, not too long before our Black Friday sale. We weren’t too sure what the error was at the time, but we had noted that our banker’s existing Paypal account had been limited and was unable to accept payments. We weren’t sure if there was an underlying issue with our previous good standing or not, so we switched over and set everything up again on a secondary Paypal. This Paypal was underneath the same information was our banker had set up before, and briefly for about a month we were able to process payments accordingly again.

Fast forward to Mid December, we encounter the same error. Confused again, we went ahead and set up a third brand new Paypal under our new banker. This account followed the same unfortunate standing. Within two weeks of creating and establishing this new Paypal, it too had been limited.

We did some digging around and noticed that a couple sites similar to YesNeo were also unable to accept Paypal payments, and we’ve come to the sad conclusion that this is targeted by Neopets itself.

The explanation to the error in itself is that Neopets has come after our banking institutions to minimize any capability we will have on Neopets as a whole and the legitimacy of the playerbase. We understand where Neopets is coming from, albeit with a heavy heart. Because of this, we’ll be unable to process any traditional payment methods.

So what does this mean for YesNeo?

Unfortunately, this means that our only payment processor that we’ll be able to keep active is our cryptocurrency payments. We fully understand that cryptocurrency is a completely foreign subject to an overwhelming majority of users, so we’ll be writing a pretty comprehensive guide on how to purchase cryptocurrencies. We’d previously mentioned our guide on this but hadn’t written it yet due to our plans to try to incorporate crypto into YesNeo natively to provide a smoother experience but the technical difficulties behind it all are a bit too complex for our small team. This is something we’ll continue to try and find a way to incorporate but it will not be as foreseeable as if we were able to process payments normally.

Addressing user concerns.

There’s a few things that we’d like to address with this. There will be some obvious concerns about our users themselves so we’d like to assure everybody on all fronts with those concerns.

  • Are customers at any risk due to these Paypal issues? 

Our users are at no risk whatsoever for making purchases with us or other Neopets vendors. Neopets is targeting the people who are selling publicly for one reason or another. We can speculate what the exact reason, but we’re unable to say for certain. In any instance, customers are completely safe and have no need to be concerned about their purchase history.

  • What will you do with our purchase history?

Everybody at YesNeo has always strived for privacy in all regards. Your purchase history stays with us and only us. We will not sell this information or expose it to anyone. We’re aware that some users will expose their friends or other cheaters to get their accounts back on Neopets. We take an absolute position on user privacy and we will not ever sell any user information at any cost. This includes personally identifiable information.

  • How can I make purchases now without Paypal or any credit/debit cards?

We are unable to process any payments outside of cryptocurrency payments. This means that without purchasing crypto through another site, we’re unable to process payments. We’ll have a whole new article explaining how purchasing and using cryptocurrency works. That article will be linked here once it’s written.

  • Will I lose all my benefits from my purchases?

Nope! All of your customer benefits remain tied to your account indefinitely, regardless of your purchase method. All loyalty rewards accrued while purchasing using our previous Paypal method will remain tied to your account forever.

Why cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency are digital currency that do not rely on a banking institution. They can be stored offline in a downloadable wallet or in a wallet on websites online that have them built natively into them. There’s quite a few regulations on these currencies nowadays, but the overall gist is that they’re not mandated by a higher authority. This means that the banking institution for cryptocurrencies cannot be targeted and forced to stop accepting payments.

Using cryptocurrency has always been a goal of ours. We never expected to go into cryptocurrency as our only means of accepting payment, but the benefits of using crypto outweigh the benefits of traditional payment gateways in some contexts. Outside of purchasing your crypto, the money that you send and receive is anonymous. You do not need to enter your personally identifiable information to send money from one person to another. All the information you need to submit an order with us through cryptocurrency is a name and an email! Your email is only required to send your order confirmation/instant delivery details to, and your name is required so that we know how to address you in your email. Nothing else is required!

A note from YesNeo Staff

We know there’s probably a lot of other inquiries that people are concerned about. For this, we welcome you to submit a ticket so that we may address any concerns not covered here. We like to think that we’ve helped provide a more enjoyable Neopets experience for a lot of users, and we’re aware that switching to cryptocurrency will turn a lot of people away from purchasing just like Neopets themselves were hoping. We implore that those people who do stop purchasing do not stop supporting Neopets itself. Neopets is trying to make their website safer and more enjoyable for users in all regards. While we don’t agree with everything they’re doing (This new layout is more than an eyesore!) we do not wish anything negative towards them and that includes having their users stop playing. Everybody at YesNeo were hardcore players for the website once upon a time and we foster a deep love for the website. Had it not been for Neopets none of us think that we would have adopted some of the skills that we’ve learned over the years. We’re grateful to have had as long of a run as we have and we’re thankful for the people we’ve met along the way. We were never welcome in this sphere of an economy and it’s time for us to respectfully take a step back.

We’re thankful for everybody who has given us such a good and learning opportunity, and we’re humbled that we’ve exceled for as long as we have. We welcome all inquiries should there be any!

Here’s to a happy new year!
– YesNeo Staff

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