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Reminder: Auction && Rewards Scheduled Maintenance

Just a friendly reminder that we have a scheduled maintenance coming up to finish out our Auctions as well as complete the Rewards sidebar + My Rewards page in your account dashboard.

Maintenance is scheduled for Tuesday. Please note the site may go up and down during this time, but your information and Neopets goodies will remain safe. We hope to have it all finished on Tuesday, however it may stretch out further into the week. We will keep you updated as we make changes.

Lastly, something we are talking about in the future. And we would like your opinions on this as well. But we have teased and debated the idea of introducing a marketplace for our members. A place where you can sell your goodies, make trades, make friends, or unload your awesome gamble hoard. We think originally we will restrict this to only ACCOUNTS. And roll out other product types as we fine tune the marketplace. Please let us know your thoughts, little to no interest and we will probably scrap the idea.

It will not be a forum, but a front-end marketplace for you to create your own store, within our store. You will be given various tools to make conversation and negotiate with each other.

That being said, we will monitor prices/ over saturation.


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