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Rest Assured ~ You can Checkout!

Hey guys, giving a quick update. I ran some updates this morning and it overwrite some of my custom coding in our fraud management system. I’ve opened a ticket with the core coders to hopefully implement my solution full time so it doesn’t get overwritten again! Rest assured, you are not blocked from checking out!

Additionally, we got 10,000 products license keys fixed. However, at the same time our database backup ran which ended up becoming corrupted because of it. We’re cleaning up our backend files some and performing a secure backup and will re-enable our bot that was fixing our license keys. In case you missed it and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, we are working on adding all pins provided to license keys as well as a pins lookup database.

Lastly, next week will be another big core update where checkout and my account pages will be optimized and finalized to process extremely fast as well as the release of our new gamble.

I’ve made small adjustments here and there, such as the way usernames are hidden on reviews and around the store. I’ve also created an automated shortcode to keep lottery history winners fresh and updated so there is no confusion.

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