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Scheduled Maintenance Tomorrow

Hello Neopians! Tomorrow April 7th we will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance for about 2-4 hours.

Over the past week, we have bit the bullet and created a staging environment to develop in. This is so we can test and make changes freely without jeopardizing the production site. This allows for us to make drastic changes and test them before implementing them.

During this maintenance, we will be replacing our security suite, with something better and in-house. Crafted by Dan himself. We use the latest 7th generation firewall, Cloudflare encrypted site, multiple CDN’s and compression techniques. Before certain aspects took a long time to load due to the firewall that was in place, now they are blazing fast! Our entire site will perform much faster and as expected. (We’ve scrubbed our database too of non-important things) Including all of our file resources have been checked over and cleaned.

Since fixing some aspects to be faster, we feel comfortable releasing our new gamble game as well. You will be able to find it in the “Shop” navigation tomorrow after the first update. All details regarding the game will be found on its respective page.

After the update tomorrow, we will be pulling all license keys and fixing their pins. This will take some time and will be done behind the scenes. When it’s time to re-upload them, we will put the site on maintenance again.


Following all of this, we will be AJAXing various dynamic content around our store that are getting messed up from cache. These updates will be pushed live without going under maintenance. This will prepare us to finally fix and finish our rewards program and all respective pages.


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