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***Important*** – Server Migration Complete – Few Updates Left

Hey guys, we’ve gotten everything re-synced and working as it should be.

However we still aren’t done completely optimizing, we’ve reverted most optimization for now so we can continue working on it behind the scenes.

We still want to finish up a caching system, install appropriate compression modules, and optimize peak performance.

We still need to check over our cron-tasks, so various things may not work as intended to for now. The tasks are set but are not executing like they are supposed to.

Known errors we are working on fixing:
– Shopneopia points sync
– Fixing account delivery for instant delivery. Keys currently being delivered after any manual items are delivered.


As per our server migration we had to execute a small rollback to fix a major bug within everything. Due to this all orders and tickets that were submitted from February 8th – February 13th were deleted. If you were waiting for a ticket update, delivery on an order, or anything else PLEASE contact us immediately.
We no longer have access to any information regarding these orders or tickets. You will be properly compensated in addition to receiving a fix to any issue or delivery of any existing order.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will ensure you’re compensated appropriately.

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