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Site Wide MASSIVE Sale And HUGE News!

As everybody may have noticed, we’ve had the site on maintenance for quite some time now. We’ve been working on a few updates that include a massive site sale, so let’s kick it all off!

Massive Site Sale!

First and foremost, we’ve thrown together a massive site sale. We have completely gotten rid of the preexisting 24 Days of Christmas sale. We’ve gone ahead supplemented this by discounting EVERY product on the site by 40%! This includes our manual delivery items so that all gamers who do not want to access accounts themselves can also purchase items!

In addition to this, we’ve also gone ahead and created coupon codes to receive FREE products with your purchase!

$10 purchase $25 purchase $50 purchase $100 purchase $250 purchase $500 purchase $1,000 purchase
Baby Paint Brush Dragonfly Nymph Magical Pea Chia Pop Space Faerie Doll Avatar Bundle 3 Rod of Dark Nova
  • $10 Purchases are eligible for a free Baby Paint Brush.
  • $25 Purchases are eligible for a free Dragonfly Nymph.
  • $50 Purchases are eligible for a free Magical Pea Chia Pop.
  • $100 Purchases are eligible for a free Space Faerie Doll.
  • $250 Purchases are eligible for a free Golden Shell.
  • $500 Purchases are eligible for a free Avatar Bundle 3 (Super Attack Pea, MSPP (TCG), Bony Grarrl Club).
  • $1,000 Purchases are eligible for a free Rod of Dark Nova.

Please be aware that the items must be added to your cart and the discount must be applied while viewing your cart page. Clicking the image links above will take you directly the listing for each item. Please also be aware that this is STRICTLY for the manual product listings. This is to ensure that everybody can have their items included in their order if one of the perspective products is temporarily sold out.

Removal of ALL Neocash Products

Neopets has recently made a large push to cut out third party Neocash vendors. This was very noticeable with the adjustments to their Neocash card values that were sold throughout different regions. We believe that TNT is making an active push to improve their overall profits to help fund new website events and make Neopets more enjoyable! We know that many people don’t agree with having to pay Neopets site prices for Neocash but we full heartedly support this decision. There has been an obvious backlask from players across the site and a boycott as a result but we believe that this is a good decision by Neopets. The more funding they have, the better for the website! We have respectfully removed all Neocash products and Neocash Code Cards in an effort to support this decision!

Note: Existing Neocash orders are all still open for our traders to deliver as quickly as possible. Should the items take too long we will be refunding any orders that have not been completed.

Removal of Monthly Free Lottery

In addition to Neocash, we’ve also completely removed our monthly lottery. We encountered some issues with it and have unfortunately had to discontinue it. We finished the lottery for the existing month and have given away a prize to a winner. The lottery will be discontinued indefinitely.

Our Advocation For Cryptocurrency

Over the span of the last few years we’ve encountered many issues with Paypal. We’ve run into issues with API functionality, anonymity for all customers, issues with payments failing to process payments, and a myriad of others. Because of this, we’d like to advocate for the use of Cryptocurrency. We’re aware that most people are unfamiliar with crypto, so we’ve got a VERY in-depth guide about crypto currency in the works. We’ll also be looking to implement crypto wallets natively here on YesNeo to make everything as convenient and seemless as possible.

To help make the switch to crypto easier, for the ENTIRE month of January, all crypto purchases will receive a 50% discount in addition to a bonus 50% cashback. All Paypal standard purchases will be at full standard price with a standard cash back reward.

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