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Some Updates!

Hey everyone just bringing in some quick updates.

To start off my return we recreated our staging environment. Just a warning, you may receive emails about tickets being closed that have already been closed, as well as orders finished that have already been finished/ not finished. This is simply me cleaning up the bloat from the staging site of things that arent really necessary. After the first wave, you wont receive anymore emails.

I’ve also fixed all our domains. and now forward to YesNeo properly. We also have one more domain that is a special secret domain that redirects to a new part of our site. Something I started back in March 2020 but was not able to finish due to needing a break for my mental health. This part of the site is a complete secret, but will be live very soon.

My next methods to the madness is to fix the lottery so at the end of this month everything operates smoothly. (It still runs smoothly, but orders aren’t being cancelled like they should be. Keeping the lottery from finishing automatically on its own due to open orders). I will finish ajax’n the rest of the homepage features (no more random pop-ups and bs like that, which comes from caching. a cache is preloaded content.)

As I ease back into it, we will be releasing the secret part of our website as well as upgrading our rewards system(s) and implementing some more changes.


Much love everyone,


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