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Temporary Down Time Yesterday

As I’m sure many of you saw yesterday, the site was entirely impossible to access for everyone, including our staff. In short this was due to a failure on the end of our hosting provider. We contacted them and it had appeared they needed to make some software upgrades. During their upgrades somehow two of our SSD disks failed (which is unlikely because they are “supposed” to be brand new). Which during a VPS reboot, they were failing to start up. None the less, they had to take their time in recovery mode to ensure no data was lost.

Now they have gotten the disks to function properly, however we are going to be migrating from this server to a new one with new SSD disks. This will hopefully happen in real time and won’t be noticeable to you. There may be a short amount of downtime while we adjust our DNS settings after the migration but we will see. Kind of shittay, but nothing we can’t overcome.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconveniences!

– YesNeo Staff

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