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Update 2/3 Completed! NEW: Pin-Protection Program

Hey guys, just informing you that update 2/3 has finally finished. It was originally supposed to be for adding pins, but there were other various hiccups that happened along the way.. un-related to the pins. Overall though, glad they showed themselves when they did so I could fix them easily.

We’ve now added all pins to all product listings. Furthermore we’ve introduced our Pin-Protection Program which is essentially an UPDATED pins list. We think it will help fill the gap for potential products we may have missed while fixing our listings as well as an education resource to ensure your accounts are secure.

EVERYONE gets 1 FREE search. 

Additionally, for every order one makes, they earn an extra freebie search. This would be pretty much stay in-line with a casual player’s needs.

For those of you seeking a more commercial operation, we kept you in mind too. However, keep in mind that this is intended for EDUCATIONAL purposes. Therefore, once your freebies have run out, it costs $0.05 per search! That being said, we’ve created an API for those seeking a larger scale operation. Simply follow the instructions to get started!


It took a little bit of time to make sure I did a thorough job. We fixed other various things along the way as people noticed and pointed out. Tomorrow I’ll get started on the more optimization aspects I keep hinting at.

Thanks everyone!

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