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Update 2/3 Scheduled for Monday Apr 13th.

Thanks for lettings us know whenever you find something broken or needs tweaking. I couldn’t do it without your help.

Update 2/3 will consist of PINS being fixed for all products, new pin lookup database (Know if your neopets information is secure! For educational purposes), as well as fixed mixed content for logged-in users. Some may have noticed you get random alerts, or popups that aren’t relevant to your needs, this is due to the rewards program awarding a prize, which got output in HTML and cached. The fix is pretty easy, the only draw-back is it’s from a plugin that isn’t coded by me. So my temporary fix won’t fix it completely if they run an update. I’ve asked them to allow ajax loading of prizes as an option from within their plugin. For now we’ve disabled the popup altogether so there won’t be any confusion.

We will also be optimizing the cart, and checkout pages to load faster since we don’t serve them through cache, as well as our homepage, since the cache gets reset after a purchase. I’m also working on optimizing the rest of our gamble so it’s v1.0 can be released at the same time.

Just keeping you updated with whats going on behind the scenes.


Dan Fireman

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