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Update: New E-Wallet + Auctions! Earn 2x Reward Points!

While we finish making the finishing touches. We are delighted to inform you that we have now implemented our own virtual wallet system which will come in handy much more later down the line. (When we introduce a marketplace/forum)

For now, the wallet system provides you DOUBLE cash back.
1. For purchasing the wallet’s credit.

2. When checking out and using the credited wallet.


We also are in the final stages of adding our auctions. To make sure it is a fair system, we have restricted to customers only.

Furthermore, and why it has not been fully setup yet. We have restricted auction checkout to virtual wallet only. In doing so, we will make sure only virtual wallets with enough balance can bid on auctions. this is to ensure a fair playing field for all people, especially those with the funds ready to go.


We are in the works of creating new main landing pages, then will be reworking all of our content and optimizing our emails to you for better service. Soon after we believe our rewards program will be updated to award badges on achievement completion like it’s supposed to.

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