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Update: Rewards Program is LIVE NOW!

Hello Neopians,

Today we are happy to present to you our long anticipated rewards program. You now have TWO ways to earn rewards!

We have two systems in place; XNP and YNP.
XNP are exchangeable points for fixed discount coupon codes, whenever you want. These codes are independent use only, meaning they won’t stack.
YNP is our loyalty system that you are more familiar with. We offer 25 levels, each level increasing your automatic discount by a percentage. These points never go away and will cumulate forever.

We have multiple achievements and badges to be earned, but are not yet active. Please be patient while we implement the last features. (floating sidebar pop out will include rewards information, achievements for point bonus’s and recognition, and more).

On a final note, we just implemented the system so please give us a couple days to iron out bugs and other various things as they show themselves. Please help us make your experience better by reporting bugs.

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