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*wipes sweat* ~ March Update!

Phew! What a hassle, that is, migrating our server from what we had before to a fully managed server. A member of our team that was quite savvy with database and server management had to handle some real life issues. So we were forced to migrate our server to a server with cpanel installed so we could manage everything easier.

As you can imagine, with the server migration, came lots and lots of problems. The issue was, you don’t necessarily know what is messing up, until it messes up. First when we migrated the server, our license keys weren’t sending, emails weren’t delivering, and more. When we attempted to fix the license keys, it deleted ALL of them. OVER 10k products, gone! So we had to do another restore (which is where we lost a couple days worth of orders, completely erased from existence!).

The additional restore caused us to be down for almost 10 days as we waited for our hosting providers to hand over the details for us to get into cPanel so we could get to work on fixing everything we had noticed was broken.


To optimize more, we’ve introduced a caching system (which still needs tweaking). But our server is running in pristine condition with all upgraded modules (which took about another week). To make it EVEN MORE optimize we’ve added Cloudflare CDN, which caused some emails to get lost due to DNS configurations. Well we’ve fixed that too :P

We may add StackPath and an image CDN as well to make sure our website is delivering content as fast as possible. But for now.. WE’VE FINALLY OPTIMIZED AND MIGRATED SERVERS COMPLETELY.

Now we can get back to bringing you guys more content, finishing out various parts of the store, and more! So again, thank you guys for being patient with us. It was not an easy process… at all! x_x

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