The launch of YesNeo

Today is the day, and we don’t just mean Independence Day! It is July 4th, and we are finally opening our doors to a grandiose surplus of Neopets and Neopets goods! It’s been a long winded month of set up, trial and error, and testing all of our website to ensure that we were fully functioning and able to present you with your ULTIMATE Neopets concierge! So what are you waiting for? Come on in!

Why launch now?

Many, many of you will be visitors and regulars from our good friends at Shopneopia. It’s disheartening that they had to close their doors to the public under such unfortunate circumstances, but their doors closing presented a new door opening to us. The staff at YesNeo have been long time friends with Matt and Tyler, the owners of Shopneopia, and we’ve never publicly owned a website so that we could keep the balance of the Neopets economy and our friendship in balance. With Matt and Tyler closing their doors however, we all found ourselves with new opportunities. Through their doors closing, we were able to strike up a deal with them to buy their stock, and any relevant store information. So allow us to take this moment to introduce ourselves! I’m Henry, and I’m more than happy to be writing this article to introduce ourselves to you today! You’ll find me answering your tickets faster than you can get support on Neopets, handling your orders, and ensuring that your favorite Neopets goods are well stocked and ready to be delivered to you! You can read more about us here!

We’ve expanded on Shopneopia’s practices

As the predecessor for Shopneopia, we’ve long taken notes of the things that they’ve done and how we can improve it. We’ve expanded upon their instant delivery services by building our instant delivery in-house. This means that everything is kept noted appropriately! Did you ever get an email that was blank and didn’t contain the sign in details for your account in the email? Well, we’ve built our instant delivery to not allow that to happen by noting all quantity of items to be exactly same as the license keys stocked. This prevents those blank emails from coming through, and allows you to always get the item that you purchased immediately.

We’ve taken away the traditional support that’s handled through emails, and we’ve instead built our own ticket support system. Remember when Neopets did tickets and everything was kept on Neopets? Well, they downgraded and started doing everything in their emails, so we can flex on Neopets with this too. We have our own in-house ticket system built straight in so that you can submit a ticket that we receive in our admin immediately. We can review these tickets, and get you your help that you need significantly quicker than they could through emails!

And that’s just the beginning! We’ve taken the whole last month working day-in and day-out to make sure that we could offer you only the finest shopping experience for your Neopets goods!

YesNeo is here for you!

There’s many reasons why you should allow us to prove why you can trust us to provide for you in place of all other store owners, but we want to keep this post short and allow our website and our actions to speak for that instead. We have many other guides that can help you begin or continue cheating on Neopets. You can begin by checking out our FAQ here!