How to Safely Transfer & Secure Your Neopoints!

How to safely transfer your Neopoints

After many years of cheating the Neopets system, dodging bans, and evading the cheat detection system we’ve crafted a perfect method to secure your Neopoints after transfer. This guide will cover how we will transfer them to you, and how you can transfer them to yourself.

What you will need:

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network) or proxy. A vpn extends a private network across the internet it allows a device to send and receive data while looking like it’s on the private network. You can read more about VPN’s and Proxies in this guide.
  2. Two Browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) anyone of them will work. We personally use Firefox and Chrome.

How to secure your Neopoints

To start this process off, you will need to set up junk trades on your account. Junk trades are trades are just trades consisting of an individual item that has no value. You will set up one trade for every 500,000 Neopoints you are transferring. If you are transferring 5,000,000 Neopoints to your account, you will set up ten trades.

After you have set up the trades you will need to open up your second browser and turn on your browser or plug in your proxies. After your IP is changed, sign into the account that is delivered to you with your Neopoints. From here you will offer the Neopoints on your trades on your main account. Do not offer more than 500,000 per trade as this will result in Neopets flagging your trades resulting in your account being checked and potentially frozen for suspicious activity for receiving Neopoints. After you have offered the Neopoints on your trade, sign out of the shell account, remove your proxies, or turn off your VPN. You will need to clear your cookies and cache after doing this for additional safety. To clear your cache and cookies, press ‘CTRL + Shift + DEL’ on your keyboard. Go to the advanced settings, check everything, and delete everything from the time frame of “All Time”. Viola, you’re done!

Another method to moving your Neopoints is the shop method. To do this, you only need one browser. Before signing out of your main account, you will want to stock your shop with items priced at 99,999 Neopoints and NO MORE. From here, you can either sign into your shell account on your secondary browser, or on your main browser after signing out. Be sure to fire up that VPN or plug in those proxies! From here, all you need to do is buy the items out of your shop. As mentioned above you will need to clear your cookies and cache once you’ve disabled your VPN or proxy. After you sign back into your main account you will need to withdraw the Neopoints from your shop till, and you will need to clear your shop sales history.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully moved your Neopoints to your account!

Will YesNeo deliver my Neopoints to me?

We will happily deliver your Neopoints to you through the trading post method only. For orders of 2,500,000 or more we will not and your Neopoints will always be delivered on a shell account for maximum security. We do require that you set up trades in advance after you’ve placed your order so that we may actually deliver them to you.

Please note that orders of instant delivery Neopoints will not be transferred to your account for you. You assume the responsibility of moving them if you order instant.

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