How to Secure Your Purchase

Securing your purchase

Purchasing anything on Neopets for money is a violation of the terms of service and therefore securing your purchase is essential after you purchase your dream products. Failure to secure your purchase can result in the loss of what you purchased, or even losing your account if you are caught cheating. This may worry you, but we’ve set up guides to secure your purchase to help ensure safety when you purchase your products!

Securing your Neopoints

Securing your Neopoints is essential in keeping your account safe. Neopoints are the second most risky purchase, only next to pets. Everyone can have a lot of Neopoints, so owning a large amount of Neopoints in itself isn’t risky. However, how you move your Neopoints to your account is. Fortunately, there’s a few ways to move Neopoints around without getting caught!

When you purchase Neopoints and want to move them to your account yourself, you will always need to use a VPN or proxy. In these instances where your Neopoints are delivered to you on a shell account, you will have two options to move them. The first option is to set up trades on your main account before signing into your shell account, After that, you will offer up to (and no more than) 500,000 Neopoints per trade. After offering the Neopoints on your trades, you will sign out of the account, and get off of your VPN or proxy. From there, clear your cookies and then sign back into your main account and accept the offers on your trades. Viola! You’ve successfully moved your Neopoints to your main account through your trades.

The second option to move your Neopoints is to move them through your shop. This method can be set up in advance and doesn’t require anything too public like trades. For this, all you do is stock your shop with items priced at 99,999 Neopoints each (Again, no more) and then buy them out after signing into your shell on your VPN or proxy! If you are moving 5,000,000 Neopoints to your shop, price fifty items in your shop at 99,999 Neopoints each, and you’ve successfully moved all your Neopoints. After signing out of your shell, be sure to clear your cookies once again!

Securing your items

Securing items is the easiest of all purchases to secure. Neocash items themselves are 100% safe to receive because they are traded for legitimately onsite and NEVER come from inactive, unused accounts. Items are also very safe to receive due to TNT not being able to track and monitor every single item that is sent from person-to-person when there’s thousands of items being moved around every day. Because of this, purchasing items is very safe as long as you don’t flaunt your new expensive items!

In order to secure your items, you need them to be safely on your account. This is very simple to do. If you purchase an item and would like for us to deliver it to your account, than we will simply send it over to your account. Seemless and easy! If you order and instant delivery item, or would simply rather receive your item on a shell account, than all you need to do is sign into the account on a VPN or proxy, send the item to your account, sign out, and then clear your cookies! Viola, you’ve moved your items around!

For bulk items such as Armoured Negg bundles, Nerkmid bundles, etc. you will want to move them through trades. This is because if an account receives too many items as a gift, a flag will be raised and your account may be investigated for suspicious acitivty. If TNT investigates and sees you receiving items then you will be frozen consequently.

Receiving Neocash has a 100% safety rate, and we have never EVER had a user report being frozen for purchasing Neocash. This is because Neocash is entirely legitimate as mentioned above. Our dedicated traders spend hours on the NC chat trading and tracking down the items you’d like to receive so that you don’t have to. These accounts are their own, and the items used and traded for are never stolen so you will never have an issue receiving Neocash. All you have to do is click the button to accept your items!

Securing your pet purchases

Whether you’re buying Unconverted Pets, Real Word Pets, or Real Name Pets, all pets come with a significant risk factor that must be assumed by the customer. These are the most risky purchases that you can make and we do NOT offer refunds on these purchases. It is incredibly essential to follow our steps to secure your pets or you do risk losing your account permanently.

Securing your pets while seeming scary is more or less pretty easy, there’s just a little bit of extra work that can be done to help keep your pets safe. First and foremost, you are able to safely transfer your pet to your account immediately after purchase and be safe. It’s quite possible to move any form of rare pet to your account and never get frozen for it. It is worth noting as well that our pets are not PC known, and they have not been seen by users before. This means that people will not be actively searching for the pets to see if they’ve been transferred and they will not known if these pets suddenly change accounts, with the exception of the real name and real word pets. This applies only to Unconverted Pets.

If you are looking to be extra cautious with your pets (We don’t blame you) then there is a few extra things you can do to keep the pet and your account safe. First and foremost, the accounts are coming from inactive accounts. This means that if TNT sees that someone signed into the account after not being used in years and just moved a pet off the the account, they will investigate for suspicious activity. In order to avoid this, you need to bring the account out of inactivity, or bring the pets out of hibernation as we like to refer to it. In order to do this you will need to use a dedicated proxy that allows you to use the same IP on every sign in into the account. Once you’ve got your dedicated proxy set up, you will begin playing small bits on the account. This doesn’t need to be anything excessive by any means. Feeding the pets, playing a few games, doing dailies, things of this nature is more than enough to bring the account back to life. Do NOT move any of the items or Neopoints earned on the account to your account. This will result in your account getting flagged and can result in you losing both the account with your pet and your main account.

After bringing the pet out of inactivity, you can begin making plans to start moving the pet to your account. At this point, you may want to consider setting up a fake adoption. This can be done by looking to actively trade one of the pets on your main account for the pet, or even by creating a board adopting out the pet from the account it’s currently on. Though we do advise against the latter method to keep the pet off the boards as much as possible. We recommend waiting about one month before moving the pet over. Yes, one month is a long wait time, but an entire month helps solidify that you are not actually buying the pet. Especially if the account the pet is on has been active the entire time. This shows legitimate activity from both of your accounts and prevents you from being accused of purchasing the pet. To finalize adopting out the pet, the account with the pet should just offer the pet to yourself (On your main account) as a gift because they don’t play much anymore and saw that your main account was looking for one for a long time with no success. While it is rare, people do act on kindness on Neopets, and TNT can’t freeze you for being given something legitimately. Even though this isn’t a legitimate gift, both your account and the account with the pet do look like they’re legitimately giving and receiving the pet.

Please remember that you don’t have to go the extra mile with pets but we very adamantly suggest that you do so. We do not offer refunds for pets because of the significant risk factor involved, so please be sure to take all the precautionary steps to secure your pet.

Securing Your Newly Purchased Account

Securing an account is also relatively easy. All the obvious steps like changing your password, your PIN, and your email are essential. There’s a few other steps that may be necessary as well to help keep your account safe.

First things first, we need to know if you’ve been frozen by TNT before. If you, like many others were frozen on Neopets fairly or unfairly you will need to change your home IP. This can be done by calling your ISP and requesting that they change your IP, or by changing the MAC address for your router in the router admin settings. Please note that simply unplugging your router for a few minutes and plugging it back in will NOT change your IP. You should always check what your current IP is before attempting to change it, and after you attempt to change it. There’s many guides to changing your MAC address on Youtube and the steps vary depending on your router so we will not be posting a specific method to do so here. After you’ve successfully changed your IP, you will have successfully given yourself a brand new online identity – yay!

Now that you’ve got an IP that has never been used on Neopets before, you’re perfectly safe to sign into any account of your choosing without any sort of repercussion. That account you just purchased? You don’t need to use a VPN to access it because your IP is perfectly brand new and ready to be logged on the interwebs. Now that you’ve signed into your new account, there’s a few things that TNT will look for on accounts that are inactive and suddenly playing again. These things include all of the obvious information you’d expect to see changed if someone were stealing an account:

Changing your password
Changing your PIN
Changing your email
Immediately selling items for Neopoints
Immediately receiving items/Neopoints

these five things are major factors in if TNT will see that you’re using a newly purchased account. To avoid being caught, we recommend only changing one of the three info’s posted above, and we recommend only selling off small amounts of items. Receiving items is a risk factor of its own as mentioned above, and so we recommend waiting two weeks before making any purchases to have items or Neopoints sent to your account. After roughly about a month, you will be able to change all the information for your account and have been active enough to really start moving things around on your account. Remember that if TNT sees no activity for years, and suddenly you’re the most knowledagable and active player on the site, they will investigate you. This can be avoided a little bit if there’s an event going on at the time. Many users for example will return yearly for the Altador Cup so TNT will see a spike in inactive users returning to the site to play again.

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