Securing Your Newly Purchased Pet!

Securing your pet

Securing your pet is the most difficult challenge you can take on when purchasing anything Neopets related. This is due to the pets being so incredibly public. Unlike items that you can store and keep safe in your Safety Deposit Box, you cannot hide your Neopets that are always displayed on your userlookup. Because of this, any real word, real name, or unconverted pets that you purchase will be immediately visible to anyone and everyone. This in itself is the sole reason why we cannot offer refunds for pets. The biggest downfall to people who get frozen for buying pets, is their plans to flaunt and show off their new pet.

This guide will discuss ways to secure your new buddy without getting frozen, without raising suspicions, and without having to hide your pet forever.

The Pound Chat

The Pound Chat is the cesspool of Neopets that is full of people who will report anything that they can’t have, and anything that they don’t like. This means that as soon as you take your new Unconverted Royal Girl Kyrii to the boards and they see it, they will report it. If the pet was just moved to your account and it gets reported, you will get frozen. There are no exceptions. Taking pets to the Pound Chat is a death sentence to any account that owns purchased Neopets. Because of that, new pets should NEVER be taken to the Pound Chat. Ideally, new pets should be kept off the boards altogether for at least three months. The publicity a pet receives is the easiest way for it to get you frozen.

Avoiding the public

As mentioned above, the Pound Chat as a whole is a death sentence for anyone who has a new pet. Going and trying to trade the pet will inevitably get you frozen. While the same isn’t entirely true for other boards, it is a good practice to stay off the boards altogether unless completely necessary. In addition to staying off the boards, it’s a good practice to avoid anything that may lead users to look at your userlookup. If you’re a kindred spirit and you enjoy doing free trades on the Trading Post, it may be a good idea to stop doing so for awhile so that the pet that’s now on your account isn’t spotted and reported for suddenly being on your account.  If you like doing one Neopoint auctions the same thing applies here. Anything that can potentially lead to having people check your userlookup should be avoided.

So what options do you have if you’re a frequent board poster?
This complicates things, but only slightly. The solution to this is available for anyone regardless on if they’re public or not, but you can send the new pet to your side account. This is safer for a few reasons.

  • This keeps the pet off your main account where you’ll have the most activity
  • The pet is more or less inactive while you remain active
  • The pet is immediately secured onto one of your accounts where no one can try to steal it.
  • The pet is immediately on one of your accounts where you can thoroughly enjoy interacting with it.
  • This allows the pet to secure under your ownership while avoiding all public attention.

Keeping a new pet on your side account is safer than having it on your main account, and after a few months will be safe to transfer to your main account without any suspicions. If you take the pet to the boards, people may be suspicious but you will have had the pet secured on one of your accounts for months for TNT to refer to which will help keep your account and your pet safe.

Account improvement

Have you ever noticed how all the accounts with really nice UC’s are very good at the game? They have 350 avatars, millions of Neopoints, thousands spent on Neocash, and a ton of trophies? While we aren’t implying that all accounts like that are illegitimate, the accounts that are illegitimate with those UC’s aren’t questioned nearly as heavily because their account is amazing.

One of the best ways to help prove legitimacy of your pet, is by having a very nice account. Constantly working on your account, improving it, and participating in events on the site will help show that the pet is yours and always has been. All of the top level players with their fancy pets have one thing in common: They put in a LOT of effort. Making sure your account looks like it can actually own a fancy UC pet is incredibly essential, just like with securing your items. If your account is three years old, has 100 avatars, and five trophies, than it probably shouldn’t own an unconverted Sponge Aisha. However, if your account is thirteen years old, has 290 avatars, and forty trophies, that Sponge Aisha looks a little more believable right? Account improvement goes a long ways for legitimizing anything that you purchase, and pets are no different.

Safety improvements over the years

As some of you veterans may remember, there was a point in time where Google Cache was a nightmare for Unconverted Pets. People would check the cache of a pet immediately after seeing it and if the cache showed a different owner, than you were out of luck because everybody and their mother was reporting you. Fortunately, with the addition of those annoying Google Recaptchas, cache is no longer an issue for pets at all. Because of the captchas cache for userlookups and pets no longer exist. TNT has indirectly shot themselves in the foot because of this, and as a result pets have become slightly safer to move over the years.

Why are we mentioning this if it’s no longer relevant? Well, we just want to help show you that we know what we’re talking about!


We care about your account as much as you do. We don’t want you to purchase a fancy dream pet that you’ve wanted since you were five years old, twenty years ago just to get frozen a week after. While securing pets is scary, it is relatively easy to do as long as the pet is kept out of the public. Keeping your account very well constructed also helps legitimize your ownership of the pet. A two year old account with twenty avatars should not be the owner of a VWN UC Royal Boy Kau. As long as your account is private and looks decent enough, you don’t have to worry about pets. Just make sure you don’t flaunt your pet and above all else – Don’t take it to the PC!

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