YesNeo’s Instant Delivery

What is our instant delivery system at YesNeo, and how does it work?

YesNeo has worked out our own instant delivery system to match the delivery of other websites! Our instant delivery uses a third party app to send you a “license key” after purchase. This license key contains sign in details for an account that contains your item. Please note that the item can be in either the Safety Deposit Box, or inventory of your account. The Neopoints for your instant delivery purchase may be onhand, in the bank, in the shop till, or in the stocks. Please be sure to check all locations for your purchase.

How do I place an order for an instant product?

All instant delivery products are marked as ” { ID } ” at the end of the product name. Pick your favorite products and add them to your cart. Proceed to check out, place your order, and you’re done! Seemless and easy as that. After you have placed your order you will receive your confirmation email, followed another email from our instant delivery app that contains the sign in details for your account. Your account details will be delivered in the format “Username:Password:Birthday:PIN”.

Can I keep the account after I take my item? 

Absolutely! Simply change the password to the account to ensure that no one can hack it, and the account is yours!

Can I take the other items and pets from the account?

Once you receive the account details, everything on the account is yours to do with as you please. You’re more than welcome to take any Neopoints or other items on the account. We recommend not taking the pets immediately however as moving pets can set off more flags for an account than items and Neopoints. Please be aware that you are responsible for moving anything off of the account and moving anything other than what you purchased can void any refunds we may offer for frozen accounts.

How do I secure my purchase?

Securing your purchase is easy and can be broken down by the product type you purchase:

  • Neopoints can be transferred to your main account through trades. Offer 500,000 Neopoints per trade to safely deliver them to your own account. You can additionally price items in your shop for 99,999 Neopoints and purchase those to prevent needing to be signed into two accounts at once.
  • Items are incredibly simple, and can be gifted straight to your account. Do not gift more than ten items a day, twenty five items a week.
  • Pets are a lot less simple. There’s two ways to move the pet. The first way of moving a pet is to transfer it to your account directly after transfer. This is relatively safe, but if the pet is reported for any reason whatsoever there is a significant chance that you will get frozen. Because of this, we strongly advise against taking any of your new pets to the PC for at least three months until after purchase.
    The second method involves transferring the pet to your account, but not until reestablishing activity activity on the account you receive. To do this, you can do simple activities on the account such as doing the dailies, feeding the pets, playing a few games, and customizing pets that aren’t the UC you ordered. Doing activities like these for two weeks up to a month will help ensure the account and the pet is safe to move over. After this point, staging a fake adoption will also help ensure that when you transfer the pet over that it remains safe.

Please remember to sign into the account on a VPN or proxy of your choice. We do not recommend any specific tools to help ensure that our customers do not cross IP’s with each other.

You can read even more in the following guide here!

I didn’t receive an email with my sign in details, what can I do? 

Check your spam email. Our emails can be miscategorized and they may end up being sent to your spam folder. If you’ve checked all your emails, email us and let us know so that we can resend the email or send you another email with your sign in details! You can also find information for any instant delivery products in your accounts order details right here on YesNeo!

For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email us or to check our guides for more detailed explanations!

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