Unconverted Neopets are one of the most sought after and coveted products you can purchase and own on Neopets. These pets are always named because they’re, well, pets! All Unconverted Neopets are classified by name formats to give each pet a different tiered value since everybody prefers a better name pet than a worse named one. There is no “set in stone” determination for classifying every pets name format because not everybody agrees on these same classifications. We at YesNeo try to keep everything simple so that you can make your decision easily when purchasing your new Unconverted Neopet! So how exactly do we determine pets by their format?


VWN – Very Well Named WN – Well Named DN – Decently Named BN – Badly Named
Very Well Named pets follow a few traits:

  • Pets will have their names capitalized a vast majority of the time.
  • Pets will have no more than eight letters in their names.
  • Pets will most often be pleasantly pronounceable.
Well named pets will follow a few traits:

    • Most often capitalized, but some may be not.
    • Most often pronounceable.
    • No underscore or numbers in the name.
    • Up to eleven letters long, though typically ten or less.
Decently named pets follow a few traits:

    • Pets can be capped or uncapped.
    • Pet names may consist of underscores or numbers.
    • If pets contain underscores or numbers, they will be pronounceable.
      Dark_Fire1 would be considered DN. D4rk_f1re4 would not.
    • Pet names typically do not exceed twelve characters.
Badly named pets follow a few traits

  • Pets are unlikely to be capped.
  • Pets can contain any number of letters, numbers, or underscores.
  • Pet names are unlikely to be pronounceable.
  • Pet names do not have a character limit.


Very well named are the rarest and most frequently sought after variants of any Neopets species or color. As a result, they are the most expensive of the bunch. Badly named pets have the worst names and as a result will be the cheapest, and consequently, safest of all pets since they will raise less suspicion on being transferred to your new main account. You can read more about securing your new Neopet here!

There will always be some exceptions to these rules, as most norms. Some pets may follow a typical WN format, but be classified as VWN simply because the name is better than a WN pet. These exceptions are far and few, but may occur.

Please be aware that our guidelines do not reflect the general agreement of the guidelines used on the Neopets Pound Chat.

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