Lucky Case

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How to Play

(Mo’ buttons!)

  1. Ensure you have enough funds in your E-Wallet!
  2. Choose from our cases listed below.
  3. You can navigate from case to case until you are satisfied.
  4. Each case requires a key to open. The key’s prices are listed along with each case.
  5. Once your case is chosen.. Buy your key!
  6. Prizes will be displayed automatically. If you happen to miss it, don’t worry, you can retrieve your prize from your order’s page.
  7. Each case has 100% chance to win at least something.
  8. IF your prize is less than the value of the case, you will have the option to “sell it back” at 25% store price. ie (product_price – (product_price * 0.25))
  9. Each case have prizes ranging from common to super rare! We use a weighted random generation event to determine the prize.
  10. The key price is determined by taking a weighted averaged of all prizes in the case.
  11. Cases categories change everyday!
  12. More information can be read at our FAQ’s!

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(May the force be with you!)

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