Lucky Flip

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How to Play

(We flippin’ coins over here!)

  1. Ensure you have funds in your E-Wallet.
  2. Pick what you want to flip for below. Each item’s flip cost is 33% the price of the items normal price! Wow!
  3. After choosing your wager and you pick either Heads or Tails… play game!
  4. During gameplay, there are 4 results possible; Heads, Tails, Try Again, Re-Spin.
  5. If you happen to get Try Again, it is considered a loss.
  6. You have 33% chance to win, 17% chance to re-spin, 50% chance to lose. Or you could look at it as a 50/50 chance!
  7. Items change once per day/ won item’s get changed out.
  8. If you win, you can also redeem your prize from your orders page. (Most recent order(s))
  9. More information can be read at our FAQ’s!


NOTE: YesNeo is not responsible for any losses occur’d while trying to tamper with the game. Things are stored server side, don’t try. :)

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(The trick is… there is no trick >:) )

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