Lucky Wheel

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How to Play

(*chants* Spin the wheel! Spin the wheel!)

  1. Just like Neopets, this wheel can be spun once every couple of hours.
  2. The wheel cost’s $5.00.
  3. To play, ensure your E-Wallet balance is enough. Next simply click “Spin and Win” to play!
  4. Prizes are generated randomly via a WEIGHTED system. ie, cheaper items are more common while expensive are rarer. (Hint’s the price is only $5.00)
  5. You can check the available prizes through the following links;
    Paint Brushes, Avatar Items, Stamps, Neopoints. (We excluded MOST products less than $5.00!)
  6. If you win, click claim prize to reveal your prize. Keep in mind your prize may be slightly less than the cost of wheel OR significantly more. Again its randomly generated based off a rarity system. (It’s only $5.00!!)
  7. Boobie Prize = free lottery ticket!
  8. Prizes are dynamically generated, meaning we grab the available prizes each spin! If we re-stock something it’ll be included, or if a new item is created.. it will be included!
  9. If you happen to miss your prize, you can find it in your orders.
  10. More information can be found in our FAQ’s!

NOTE: We are not responsible for any loses endured while trying to tamper with the game. Also although we took out most items less than $5.00, we left some in as well!

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(Around and around it goes!)

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