• Avatar Bundle 1 { ID }


    This account comes with the tier 1 avatar items!

    Faerie Queen Doll x 1
    Zafara Double Agent Plushie x 1
    Chokato (TCG) x 1

  • Full Space Map { ID }


    You will receive an account with all nine Space Map Pieces. Using the Map will award four levels to a random pet.

  • Blumaroo – Fire! Bundle


    Get a Fire Paint Brush + a Random Blumaroo Morphing Potion + a Fire Petpet Paint Brush for the “Blumaroo – Fire!” avatar!

    Have a Fire Blumaroo as a pet with an attached fire painted petpet ??(30+ days old) and view its lookup.


  • Full Underwater Map { ID }


    These maps are very rare and hard to complete. The prizes are mostly unknown, so you could strike gold, or receive dung with these. You will receive all 9 pieces to the map, and each map that you order will come on a complimentary shell account!

  • Island Quiggle Bundle


    In this pack you will get a Random Quiggle Morphing Potion and an Island Paint Brush to obtain the ‘Island Quiggle’ avatar at less than normal value!

    Own an Island Quiggle that is 30 days or older and view its lookup.