Neopets TCG Code

Purchase a Neopets TCG Code from any set you want and then you’ll have a Rare Item Code instantly delivered to your email.
You can redeem these codes here, below you’ll find a table that explains very briefly what kind of prizes you can get.

Your prize options, within each set, are:

Apple Core

Oh no! A booby prize… I’d take the next box if I were you. Some booby prizes are rarer than others, but they are still all just booby prizes :(

Paint Brush

A Cool Neopets Item! This could be a Faerie, a Paint Brush, a Codestone, or maybe something secret and unreleased!

Bag of Neopoints

It could be 1 Neopoint, 1,000 Neopoints, or even 1,000,000 Neopoints – totally random!

TCG Card

This icon represents a virtual Trading Card. You can trade them, collect them, and put them in your TCG Album!

NOTE: Under ALL circumstances, choosing the Bag of Neopoints results in a random amount of NP as a prize. It can be as few as 1 NP and an omelette (sadly, you don’t actually GET the omelette), up to 1,000,000 NP.
Choosing the Bag of Neopoints results in such a random prize, therefore it is not recommended.

We’ll soon have a complete list of items that can be won on every set and every prize option. We’re currently asking many neopians and looking through Jellyneo.

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Base, Battle for Meridell, Return of the Dr. Sloth, Mystery Island, Hannah and the Ice Caves, Curse of Maraqua, Darkest Faerie, Lost Desert, Travels in Neopia


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