In addition to all the cool features our store provides. We also offer very useful tools to help expand and brighten your Neopets experience. When it comes to making additions to your Shop, making Neopoints, or even winning Gold Trophies for some of the most coveted games on Neoepts — We have the tools you need to succeed.

Note: Tools are use at your own risk, although we find them safe (otherwise we wouldn’t offer them).

Gallery/Shop Upgrade Calculator

Opening a shop in Neopets is a great way to earn additional Neopoints by selling your unwanted items.  It costs 200 NP to open a shop, which will grant you the ability to sell up to five items in total. If you haven’t set up your shop yet, follow this link and click the ‘create a shop’ button to get started.  [...]

Pin-Protection Program

About Ever thought to yourself, how secure are my Neopets fortunes? Think no more with our Pin Protection Program. Our mission is simple, to keep Neopians informed and educated on what information is available. Whether through behind the scenes trades or out in the public. --  It's free for personal use! We even supply a [...]

Neopets Stocks Calculator

The Stock Market on Neopets works just like a real stock market, in the sense that you can purchase a share within a company and make either a profit or loss depending on how this business performs in the future. The only real difference is that there is no regular news to monitor behind each [...]

Altador Plot Star Mapper

The Altador Plot is an interactive Neopets series that awards a number of highly sought-after prizes upon completion. You will receive 5,000nps, a Club President Super Plushie, The Way Windmills Work book, a Hall of Heroes Play Set, a Set of Four Commemorative Punch Club Pie Plates AND a fancy Royal Astronomer trophy that will be displayed on your user lookup page. In [...]

Adoption Fee Calculator

Whenever you adopt a Neopet or transfer it to another account, you pay a set fee which is determined by the stats of the pet, with the current level having the biggest influence. To determine the exact cost of an adoption or transfer, simply type the level, strength, defense and movement of the pet into the calculator below [...]

Secret Laboratory Map Piece Generator

The Neopet Secret Laboratory Map is a feature that can be used daily to alter the stats and appearance of your pet – this includes colour and species changes. The lab ray can change your pet to any of the following colours: Baby, Magma, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal, and Usuki. It can also decrease or increase any [...]

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