In addition to all the cool features our store provides. We also offer very useful tools to help expand and brighten your Neopets experience. When it comes to making additions to your Shop, making Neopoints, or even winning Gold Trophies for some of the most coveted games on Neoepts — We have the tools you need to succeed.

Note: Tools are use at your own risk, although we find them safe (otherwise we wouldn’t offer them).

Secret Laboratory Map Piece Generator

Looking for Free Neopets Secret Laboratory Map Pieces? Well you've come to the right place. We restrict it to customers of ours, but the method is completely free! We actually make use of an old Neopets Giveaway back during the TrillionFTW giveaway. The method is completely legit and only works once per account since it [...]

Gallery/Shop Upgrade Calculator

When you first open your shop it will cost you 200 NP's and you will be able to sell five items total. Every upgrade after initially opening your shop will allow you to stock five more items, but will cost 200 NP's, and increase by 200 NP's each upgrade afterwards. Calculate how much it will [...]

Adoption Fee Calculator

When you are adopting a pet through the pound or transferring a pet on Neopets you will need to pay a fee. The fees scale to the level of the Neopet more than anything, but the other stats will also be factored to a smaller degree. Calculate the cost to adopt your new Neopet below [...]

Pin-Protection Program

About Ever thought to yourself, how secure are my Neopets fortunes? Think no more with our Pin Protection Program. Our mission is simple, to keep Neopians informed and educated on what information is available. Whether through behind the scenes trades or out in the public. --  It's free for personal use! We even supply a [...]

Neopets Stocks Calculator

We know it can be a pain in the arse figuring out how much you exactly profit from the Stock Market. Fortunately, we have coded up a neat tool to help you know before you actually do. All you have to do is fill the # of Shares, Bought For, and Sell For columns and [...]

Altador Plot Star Mapper

We have compiled a useful tool for helping you beat the Altador Plot on Neopets. The Altador Plot was introduced in March of 2006 and once you have completed the quests, you will be able to visit the Councils Chamber -- specifically King Altador -- and claim a prize daily! Note: Javascript written by Andy [...]

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