Whenever you adopt a Neopet or transfer it to another account, you pay a set fee which is determined by the stats of the pet, with the current level having the biggest influence. To determine the exact cost of an adoption or transfer, simply type the level, strength, defense and movement of the pet into the calculator below and press ‘Calculate!’ to confirm. To find the levels required for input, head over to the Battledome page oNeopets – The stats there are the ones you should use.


Adopting A Pet 

Looking to expand the number of pets you currently have? Visit the pound and you will find hundreds of Neopets ready to be adopted. Pay careful attention to their species and stats, as this is what makes adopting a pet better than simply creating a new one. After finding the pet you want, simply click ‘adopt’ and pay the fee – your new pal will then be added to your account. 

Note: Your new pet will be made active by default, visit the quick ref page to change this if needed. 

Transferring A Pet 

If you’re thinking about switching your main account, or would simply like to give you Neopet to someone that will take good care of it, then transferring is the best option. Simply head over the transfer section of the Neopian pound, select the pet you wish to give and enter the username of the player to receive it. Transferring is also a great way to give a friend the pet they’ve always wanted – perhaps a special Candy Blumaroo or a limited edition Faerie Wocky. 


Limitations Of The Neopet Pound 

Before deciding to adopt or transfer, you must ensure that your account is at least 4 months old if you wish to receive any ‘restricted’ pets. The list of restricted Neopets are:  

  • ANY species that has a level of over 3. 
  • ANY ChombyCybunnyDraikHissi, Jetsam, Kiko, Koi, KrawkPoogle or Tonu. 
  • ANY colour that is not considered ‘default’ such as plushie, baby or chocolate. 

It’s also incredibly important that you do NOT sell pets or trade them in exchange for items as this is considered to be a freeze able offence, as stated by TNT on the official Neopets forum. 

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