The Altador Plot is an interactive Neopets series that awards a number of highly sought-after prizes upon completion. You will receive 5,000nps, a Club President Super Plushie, The Way Windmills Work book, a Hall of Heroes Play Set, a Set of Four Commemorative Punch Club Pie Plates AND a fancy Royal Astronomer trophy that will be displayed on your user lookup page. In addition to these awesome items, you will receive an exclusive avatar if you visit the King one day after finishing the plot and from then on, you can visit the Councils Chamber — specifically King Altador — and claim a new prize every single day! 

Star Data

While completing the Altador Plot is certainly worth your time, the solutions are often pretty confusing, so Yes Neo sourced this mapper in order to help you beat it! Side note: The Javascript was originally written by Andy Nguyen and has hosted here for the convenience of all Yes Neo customers. To use the tool, simply copy and paste your Star Data (Found here) in the field below as you progress through the Altador Plot. Click ‘Find Stars’ and the coordinates you require will be shown in the text field. .


First to Rise:

Common Errors Encountered With The Plot 

There are two common errors that are faced by Neopet users when trying to finalize the Altador Plot: 

  • Step by step – It’s important to know that each stage of the plot must be completed before accessing the next one. You cannot skip ahead to the later stages and certain parts will not be activated until previous ones have been finished. 
  • Saving your progress – When you unlock new constellations, you will need to update them in the mapper tool to ensure you are being given the correct solution to each step. Make sure you read each step carefully and click ‘continue’ when possible so that all of your progress is saved. 

Besides the tips mentioned above, read each dialogue carefully for a greater understanding of what is needed for each step. 

That wraps up our coverage of the Altador Plot – We hope this guide and tool helps you to easily earn your rewards. 

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