Opening a shop in Neopets is a great way to earn additional Neopoints by selling your unwanted items.  It costs 200 NP to open a shop, which will grant you the ability to sell up to five items in total. If you haven’t set up your shop yet, follow this link and click the ‘create a shop’ button to get started. 

A gallery is essentially a safety deposit box that can be viewed by anyone on Neopets, however there is a limit to the amount of storage available. Use it to display your most prized possessions and show them off to other users. It is also not uncommon for galleries to have some sort of theme, whether that be high-end plushies or gross food, find your favourite category of items and get collecting!  

Both shops and galleries can be upgraded for more space – Each upgrade costs an additional 200 NP each time and grants room to store or sell 5 extra items. To give you an idea of the pricing, your first upgrade will cost 200 NP, the second will cost 400 NP and so on. 


Is Upgrading Your Shop Worth It?  

If you aren’t logged into Neopets on a daily basis, then upgrading your shop is almost certainly worthwhile. Whenever you play, simply load up your shop and check your till next time you’re using the site. However, if you are a regular user of Neopets, it might be worth just spending a small amount of NP upgrading your store and restocking throughout the day. 


Is Upgrading Your Gallery Worth It?  

Gallery upgrades are less of an investment when compared to your shop, however if you have a large collection of valuable items, acquiring some extra space could definitely be worthwhile. If showing off your prized possessions isn’t something that interests you, we would recommend using your safety deposit box instead. 


The Shop And Gallery Upgrade Calculator 

With the cost increasing by 200 NP each time, the calculations can quickly become complicated and timely to work out. Fortunately, here at Yes Neo, we have created a useful tool that does all the maths on your behalf! Simply place your current shop size in the first box, followed by the size you want to reach in the next box and click ‘Calculate’. You will then be shown the number of NPs required to perform the upgrade! 

Start Size
End Size

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