The Stock Market on Neopets works just like a real stock market, in the sense that you can purchase a share within a company and make either a profit or loss depending on how this business performs in the future. The only real difference is that there is no regular news to monitor behind each company, meaning all you have to review is the existing price movements of each stock.  

To use our calculator, input the amount you paid for each stock in the ‘Bought for’ column and the current value in the ‘Sell for’ column. The # of shares is for the total number of shares you currently have – to add more rows, click the + button in the top left. Once all information has been added, click ‘Calculate’ for the value and profit you will receive for selling your stocks. 

# Of Shares Bought For Sell For Paid Value Profit % Profit

Making Neopoints With The Stock Market 

Here at Yes Neo we have created this short guide loaded with tips on how to make the most NPs while using the stock market: 

  • Bargain stocks – As the name suggest, this board hosts all of the stocks that are towards the bottom of their overall price range and buying stocks from here is almost often a good idea. This page is well hidden on the Neopets website, so we would recommend clicking HERE to be taken directly to it. 
  • Low priced stocks – Purchasing stocks with a small price point is a great way to limit your losses. The lowest price you can buy a stock at is currently 15np and there is currently a strategy being implemented by various users that focuses on ONLY buying stocks at this amount. 
  • Bulk transactions – Your friendly account called Nigel takes a 20np fee per every transaction. This is why you should sell in bulk to avoid paying this fee multiple times. 
  • Patience is key – After you have picked out the shares you want, sit back and wait until they make a profit for you. Never sell at a loss, as it is very uncommon that a stock will not eventually increase over time. 


The Stock Market Avatar  

In addition to making large amounts of Neopoints, you can also unlock an avatar for your profile by having over 1 million NPs worth of stocks at one time. If you currently hold this amount, view your portfolio page to claim the avatar. Please note: You have to own MULTIPLE shares in order to receive the avatar – 1 million NPs worth of the same stock will not count. 

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