Ever thought to yourself, how secure are my Neopets fortunes? Think no more with our Pin Protection Program. Our mission is simple, to keep Neopians informed and educated on what information is available. Whether through behind the scenes trades or out in the public. —  It’s free for personal use! We even supply a nifty API for commercial operations. Check it out here!

NOTE: These pins are UPDATED. If a pin has been changed/ created/ or deleted since we’ve last updated, it is secure. ie — if it’s not provided, or is incorrect!

How to Use

Using the P-P Machine (hehe) is a breeze! First be logged into your YesNeo account. Then, all you have to do is enter your Neopets username!

  • We give the casual player FREE searches! — One freebie per YesNeo account + additional freebie(s) per order!
  • Got a lot of accounts? Don’t fret! Make use of our nifty API and get those suckers secured ASAP. We charge an extremely low rate of $0.05 per search once your freebies have run out. Simply preload your balance on our store and get goin’ in minutes!

The P-P Machine

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