The Neopet Secret Laboratory Map is a feature that can be used daily to alter the stats and appearance of your pet – this includes colour and species changes. The lab ray can change your pet to any of the following colours: Baby, Magma, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal, and Usuki. It can also decrease or increase any of these stats: Strength, Level, Movement or Defece. The final, more uncommon outcomes of the ray are a species change, gender change, being reset to level 1 or simply no alteration at all. 

Acquiring The Secret Laboratory Map

In addition to using this free generator, or purchasing the full map on our store, you can find the pieces on the Shop Wizard, Trading Post and in Auctions. We would recommend purchasing a single piece at a time, as users reselling the entire map tend to charge more than the value itself.  

After collecting all nine pieces, head over to this page to submit your map and gain access to the lab ray. You will also receive an avatar to use on the NeoBoards. 

Is the Secret Lab Map Worth It?  

In short yes, we do think the map is a great long-term investment. Regardless of whether you’re looking to train a pet for the battledome, or are searching for a rare coloured Neopet, using the Lab Ray is a shortcut that will save you huge amounts on Neopoints over time – No need to purchase expensive paintbrushes, dubloons and codestones in order to alter your pet. 

YesNeo’s Free Secret Laboratory Map Generator 

This generator allows YesNeo customers to receive a free map piece, to either start your collection or to resell for some extra NeoPoints. It makes use of an old Neopets giveaway which was made public during their TrillionFTW celebration. The method is completely legit and can only be claimed once per account. 

YesNeo’s generator works by converting your username into a hash before feeding it into the Grundo Warehouse to accept the prize for you. 

To get started, visit the generator tool at the bottom of this page and input your Neopets username. You will then be given a URL, which you should copy and paste into your browser. As long as you’re logged in, you will then be awarded a FREE secret lab map piece – it’s that easy! Repeat this process as many times as you wish across your accounts.

The SLM Gen (URL Curator) – FREE Map Laboratory Map Generator Tool:


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Which Kind Of Piece Will I Receive? 

The map piece you receive from our generator will be completely random, you can get absolutely ANY of the 9 available pieces. The lowest valued lab piece currently sits at about 20,000 NP, with the highest being around 725,000 NP. We would recommend using the JellyNeo item database to check exactly how much your piece is worth. What are you waiting for? Input your username into the generator above and claim your freebie now – Good luck! 


(Image of prize page, Map Piece may vary.)

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