Looking for Free Neopets Secret Laboratory Map Pieces? Well you’ve come to the right place. We restrict it to customers of ours, but the method is completely free! We actually make use of an old Neopets Giveaway back during the TrillionFTW giveaway. The method is completely legit and only works once per account since it is a reward from Neopets for reaching One Trillion Page Views! You can claim it as many times as you wish on as many accounts as you wish. The only exception is, you must be logged into the account to win the prize.

How does it work?

SLM URL Generator
(Image of SLM Gen, featured at the bottom of this page)

We convert your username to a hash and feed it into the Grundo Warehouse to accept the prize. It does not work directly from the warehouse page however. All you have to do is fill in your username below and click submit. Once submitted we will create the URL for you. After the URL is displayed for you, copy and paste it into your browser to generate your Secret Laboratory Map Piece.

What kind of pieces can I get?

It is completely random, but you can get any of the pieces. If you’re super lucky your piece will be expensive!

(Image of prize page, Map Piece may vary.)

The SLM Gen (URL Curator)

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